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Your Crash Course Guide To Non-Alcoholic Gins

Some people are gonna reach for the vom emoji at the mere mention of “non-alcoholic gin”. Surely that’s like a meat-free Bolognese, right? Or a Cruise-free Mission Impossible? Well there’s actually a growing movement for non-alcoholic spirits, and gin is leading the charge. After all, you can still get those floral botanicals in there without the booze. And these guys won’t leave you crying on the stairs at 2am throwing shoes at people who love you.

If you’re going dry this month, or stuck as DD again, consider this your crash course in non-alcoholic gin.  

Brunswick Aces

Local boys Brunswick Aces are leading the charge with non-alcoholic botanicals. It’s brewed right here in Melbourne, from locally grown ingredients, and there’s a couple of blends to choose from: Spades and Hearts. Hearts is closer to your classic gin notes: a spicy mix of juniper, wattleseed, cloves, star anise, ginger, sage and pink grapefruit. Spades has more of a citrus kick, forgoing juniper all together in favour of lime, grapefruit, cardamom, parsley and lemon myrtle. Both are delicious, poured over ice or mixed with a good-quality tonic. Love that bottle branding too.